The 9th International Conference on the Physics of X-Ray Multilayer Structures

Start Date
03-02-2008 08:00
End Date
07-02-2008 08:00
Montana, USA
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Scientific contact(s)
Eric Ziegler

Multilayer thin film structures optimized for their X-ray optical properties have enabled the construction of a variety of new optical elements and instruments operating in the EUV, soft X-ray and hard X-ray spectral regions. This technology is by now used for a wide range of scientific and industrial applications, including photolithography, astronomy and solar physics, plasma physics, synchrotron radiation, X-ray and free-electron lasers, ultrashort-pulse physics, X-ray crystallography, and others. Continued advancement in these areas depends on further improvements in multilayer technology, which in turn requires a deeper understanding of the X-ray optical physics and material science of these nanometer-scale heterostructures.


Principal Themes

  • Film Growth
  • Microstructure Development
  • Roughness Evolution
  • Interface Formation
  • Surface and Thin-Film Modifications using Ion Beams
  • Film Removal Techniques
  • Growth Models and Computer Simulations
  • X-ray and Neutron Scattering
  • Surface and Interface Topology
  • Layer and Interface Composition
  • Wavefront Characterization
  • Mechanical Properties
  • Stability
  • Optical Properties
  • Novel Characterization Techniques
  • Multilayer X-Ray Optics
  • Wavefront Correction
  • Bandpass Optimization
  • Polarization Control


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