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Developments and direction of powder diffraction on proteins

Start Date
22-06-2007 09:00
End Date
23-06-2007 09:00
CNRS on 22nd and ESRF on 23rd
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Coordinator contact(s)
Myriam Dhez

Scientific contact(s)
Irene Margiolaki
Andy Fitch
Jonathan Wright

The investigation of protein crystal structures by high-resolution powder X-ray diffraction is being established as a complementary tool to recognized single-crystal techniques.

When suitable crystals are not available, a microcrystalline powder can give basic information about the crystal lattice, symmetry and crystallinity. Recently it has been demonstrated that structure solution of small proteins can be successful using powder data via traditional and/or novel approaches. The 2-day workshop will cover topics such as sample preparation, data-collection, strategies for data analysis, and structure validation, etc. for powders.

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