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Synchrotron X-ray imaging contribution to the study of animal mummification in ancient Egypt, archaeozoological study of crocodile mummies (Ptolemaic and Roman Periods)

PhD Defense
Start Date
09-06-2021 14:00
End Date
09-06-2021 15:30
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Eleanor RYAN
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Paul Tafforeau
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Camille BERRUYER's Thesis Defense on Wednesday 9 June at 2pm

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Passcode: 197977


The ancient Egyptians mummified millions of animals. Few of these animal mummies have made it to our museums. The first analyses carried out on these artefacts led most of them to destruction or to a very poor conservation. Today, it seems essential to protect these precious archaeological objects. Non-destructive and non-invasive techniques are now used, such as Propagation Phase Contrast Synchrotron X-ray Microtomography (PPC-SRμCT). This technique was applied to a corpus of 55 animal mummies (49 crocodiles, five birds, one dog) from three different museums. The application of archaeozoological methods to the virtual microtomography images allowed the formulation of new hypotheses concerning, on the one hand, the management and preparation of crocodile mummies, and on the other hand, to propose an interpretation of this production within the ancient Egyptian calendar.

Key words: Microtomography, Synchrotron, Crocodile mummies, Ancient Egypt, Virtual archaeozoology.

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