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Cover design by S. Lombardo featuring the image “3D surface illustration of typical real-time SAXS data” by A. Sauter from the article Two-step nucleation in protein crystallisation revealed by real-time SAXS, A. Sauter et al..



Photo credits: M. Alexander, C. Argoud, S. Claisse, I. Ginzburg, P. Jayet, D. McBride, Molyneux Associates.


We gratefully acknowledge the help of: C. Argoud, T. Baudoin, J.C. Biasci, J.F. Bouteille, B. Boulanger, J. Chavanne, D. Chenevier, K. Colvin, K. Clugnet, E. Dancer, R. Dimper, I. Echeverría, L. Farvacque, S. Gerlier, P. Glatzel, L. Hardy, V. Honkimaki, J. Jacob, A. Joly, A. Kaprolat, M. Krisch, G. Leonard, S. Lombardo, C. Mueller-Dieckmann, J. McCarthy, S. Pascarelli, E. Plouviez, P. Raimondi, H. Reichert, J.L. Revol, S. Rio, K. Scheidt, T. Schülli, F. Sette, J. Susini, M. Wulff and all the users and staff who have contributed to this edition of the Highlights.


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