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Recovery of release cloud from laser shock-loaded graphite and hydrocarbon targets: In search of diamonds

Schuster A.K., Voigt K., Klemmed B., Hartley N.J., Lütgert J.B., Zhang M., Bähtz C., Benad A., Brabetz C., Cowan T., Döppner T., Erb D.J., Eychmüller A., Facsko S., Falcone R.W., Fletcher L.B., Frydrych S., Ganzenmüller G.C., Gericke D.O., Glenzer S.H., Grenzer J., Helbig U., Hiermaier S., Hübner R., Laso Garcia A., Lee H.J., MacDonald M.J., McBride E.E., Neumayer P., Pak A., Pelka A., Prencipe I., Prosvetov A., Rack A., Ravasio A., Redmer R., Reemts D., Rödel M., Schoelmerich M., Schumacher D., Tomut M., Turner S.J., Saunders A.M., Sun P., Vorberger J., Zettl A., Kraus D.,
Journal of Physics D 56, 025301-1-025301-19 (2023)

4D nanoimaging of early age cement hydration

Shirani S., Cuesta A., Morales-Cantero A., Santacruz I., Diaz A., Trtik P., Holler M., Rack A., Lukic B., Brun E., Salcedo I.R., Aranda M.A.G.,
Nature Communications 14, 2652-1-2652-13 (2023)

Ultrafast radiographic imaging and tracking: An overview of instruments, methods, data, and applications

Wang Z., Leong A.F.T., Dragone A., Gleason A.E., Ballabriga R., Campbell C., Campbell M., Clark S.J., Da Vià C., Dattelbaum D.M., Demarteau M., Fabris L., Fezzaa K., Fossum E.R., Gruner S.M., Hufnagel T.C., Ju X., Li K., Llopart X., Lukic B., Rack A., Strehlow J., Therrien A.C., Thom-Levy J., Wang F., Xiao T., Xu M., Yue X.,
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 1057, 168690-1-168690-36 (2023)

A Middle Pleistocene Denisovan molar from the Annamite Chain of northern Laos

Demeter F., Zanolli C., Westaway K.E., Joannes-Boyau R., Duringer P., Morley M.W., Welker F., Rüther P.L., Skinner M., McColl H., Gaunitz C., Vinner L., Dunn T.E., Olsen J.V., Sikora M., Ponche J.L., Suzzoni E., Frangeul S., Boesch Q., Antoine P.O., Pan L., Xing S., Zhao J.X., Bailey R.M., Boualaphane S., Sichanthongtip P., Sihanam D., Patole-Edoumba E., Aubaile F., Crozier F., Bourgon N., Zachwieja A., Luangkhoth T., Souksavatdy V., Sayavongkhamdy T., Cappellini E., Bacon A.M., Hublin J.J., Willerslev E., Shackelford L.,
Nature Communications 13, 2557-1-2557-17 (2022)