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Novel rhenium carbides at 200 GPa

Khandarkhaeva S., Fedotenko T., Bykov M., Bykova E., Chariton S., Sedmák P., Glazyrin K., Prakapenka V., Dubrovinskaia N., Dubrovinsky L.,
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2020, 2186-2190 (2020)

Instrument performance and simulation verification of the POLAR detector

Kole M., Li Z.H., Produit N., Tymieniecka T., Zhang J., Zwolinska A., Bao T.W., Bernasconi T., Cadoux F., Feng M.Z., Gauvin N., Hajdas W., Kong S.W., Li H.C., Li L., Liu X., Marcinkowski R., Orsi S., Pohl M., Rybka D., Sun J.C., Song L.M., Szabelski J., Wang R.J., Wang Y.H., Wen X., Wu B.B., Wu X., Xiao H.L., Xiong S.L., Zhang L., Zhang L.Y., Zhang S.N., Zhang X.F., Zhang Y.J., Zhao Y.,
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 872, 28-40 (2017)

3D X-ray diffraction microscope--

Poulsen H.F., Ludwig W., Schmidt S.,
In: "Neutrons and Synchrotron Radiation in Engineering Materials Science: From Fundamentals to Applications" Staron P. (Eds.) Schreyer A. (Eds.) Clemens H. (Eds.) Mayer S. (Eds.) (Wiley, 2017) pp. 293-307