Backup computer name

ID23-1 pc231data
ID23-2 barvezan
ID29 id29backup
ID30A-3 massif3backup
ID30B id30b-data

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Start your backup

First, plug your USB drive in the USB2 or USB3 port. It will be automatically mounted

1: Log in using your proposal number and password













2: Select an experiment

3: Select a USB drive (You might need to click on “Update” in the MX backup window to see the drive)

4: Start the synchronisation by clicking on “Run Synch”

Other options:

A: You may change both the source and target paths, either by clicking on browse or by manually editing the lines.

B:  If ticked: files in PROCESSED_DATA that correspond to the selected subdirectory of RAW_DATA will be included in the backup.

C:  If ticked: Rsync will restart continuously to ensure that the backup is up-to-date.


databackupstart synch-resize504x314.png













Check that your data was backed-up properly

1:  Rsync finishes with a green message: "...finished succesfully..."

1’: Click on "get size" buttons in the source and target areas to compare the actual sizes

NB : You can use the icon on the desktop to view the contents of the drive


Stop the backup

2: Click on “Stop Rsync”

3: To remove your USB Drive:

Select the drive in the Target Directory section (becomes highlighted in blue), and click on “Unmount”