Local Contact support


At the HPMX laboratory you have a specific local contact support complementary to that on the MX beamlines. Non authorized people are not allowed to use any of the high pressure cells.  In general, users are responsible for handling the samples, and HPMX staff will run the high pressure systems.  For experiments that require an extensive support from the local contact, and/or when the scientific support provided is crucial for the project outcome, this needs prior agreement about a possible coauthorship on the respective publication(s).


Reference publications


If you publish data which was obtained using the High Pressure Freezing Laboratory, please acknowledge use of the facility in the Methods or Acknowledgements section and cite the following papers in the references list:

(1) For publications that refer to oxygen or noble gas labelling:

Gas-sensitive biological crystals processed in pressurized oxygen and krypton atmospheres: deciphering gas channels in proteins using a novelsoak-and-freeze'methodology, B Lafumat, C Mueller-Dieckmann, G Leonard, N Colloc'h, T Prangé, ..., Journal of Applied Crystallography 49 (5), 1478-1487,


(2) For publications that refer to high pressure or argon labelling:

Towards a high-throughput system for high-pressure cooling of cryoprotectant-free biological crystals, P Linden, F Dobias, H Vitoux, U Kapp, J Jacobs, S Mc Sweeney, ..., Journal of Applied Crystallography 47 (2), 584-592