REX rapid nozzle changer installed (Arinax, France): February 2018

In situ plate screening available to users: September 2017

Successful test of CrystalDirect harvester for automated sample handling and data collection: May 2017

Unipuck double gripper available for user operation: April 2017

First publication: Weichert, S., Koromyslova, A., Singh, B. K., Hansman, S., Jennewein, S., Schroten, H., Hansman, G. S. (2016) J. Virol. 90, 4843-4848.

First PDB depositions: 5HZA and 5HZB

First Unipuck users: 16th April 2016

Start of FlexHCD user operation: 12th February 2016

Start of 2016 user operation: 5th February 2016

First in situ plate experiment: 7th December 2015

First FlexHCD users: 1st December 2015

ID30B inauguration: 6th November 2015

First de novo structure solution: 29th June

First users: 25th June 2015

First data collection: 20th April 2015