MXCuBE2 issues

  • Sample camera view is frozen or there is no sample video
    • Restart the LimaCCDs server running on control PC and mxCuBE (bliss_dserver restart LimaCCDs)
  • Cannot contact LDAP server
    • Restart MXCuBE2
  • MXCuBE2 is missing some components such as Transmission or MXCuBE2 complains that "Cannot initiate Hardware Object "Transmission"
    • Verify that no bliss-terminal is open and frozen (if so, close it)
    • Restart beacon-server in dserver
    • Restart MXCuBE2
  • Characterisation and Advanced data collections (workflows) are not working
    • Most likely the BES server has a problem and needs to be restarted
    • In this case other beamlines may be affected
    • Inform the Local Contact - For LC: Information on how to restart BES server are on the esrf wiki, otherwise ask Hall Operator to call the BCU contact

MXCuBE3 issues

  • Application is slow
    • The application might get slow if there is lots of data in the client that are not properly cleared. Pressing F5 or the browsers refresh button often solves this.
  • Can't navigate from one page to another or can't get login screen to appear

    • The browser sometimes caches an old version of the client which is incompatible with the current backend, pressing SHIFT F5 in Chrome or SHIFT R in Firefox reloads the page without using cash

  • A Error message with a red background appears

    • This means that there was a serious problem on the server, it is often possible to continue using the application. Its however recommended to take a careful look in the log or call the local contact to get help to find out why the message is appearing. The problem can sometimes, unfortunately, only be solved by logging out, restarting the server and then logging in again once the server has started.

  • Sample Video is black or flickers

    • It is unusual but it does happen that the video goes black or starts flickering, the video stream can be re-initialized by clicking on reset in the "video size" drop-down, found in the video controls menu.

Centring issues

  • Centring is not working properly
    • Do homing of omega axis: Access via VNC to Microdiff, in the Microdiff software go to Devices --> Scan Axis --> click on Homing
    • If this does not fix, do homing of zoom: Access via VNC to Microdiff, in the Microdiff software go to Devices --> Zoom --> click on Homing
    • If in remote, you can access the vnc from one of the terminal in NX typing vncviewer microdiff29new
  • Other issues with Diffractometer

Fluorescence issues

  • XRF or Energy scan fail immediately with : Error calling procedure
    • This is a problem with the ser2net device server, which unfortunately does not update its state correctly in Dserver
    • run

  • and restart MXCuBE

If this does not work

  • search for the ser2net process:

ps -ef |grep ser2net

  • you should get

lid292:~ % ps -ef |grep ser2net
blissadm 21663     1  0 Sep13 ?        00:00:00 /users/blissadm/local/bin/ser2net -u -c /users/blissadm/local/config/ser2net.conf -p 8800
blissadm 25071 25026  0 09:33 pts/1    00:00:00 grep ser2net

  • kill it (in this case)

kill 21663

  • Restart the process

/users/blissadm/local/bin/ser2net -u -c /users/blissadm/local/config/ser2net.conf -p 8800

  • Restart MXCuBE

Beam issues

  •  No beam on diffration image - no beamstop shadow - blank images
      • Check that Front End is open, if not open it and set it to automatic (click on Start Auto)
      • On Pilatus check the transmission; check images at higher zoom - shadow might be there but contrast not best one
      • Check fast shutter
      • More
  • Beam is lost
    • Although this should not normally happen, this can be due to different reasons
    • Check if in MXCuBE flux is shown (top right) - if there is flux do a Quick Realign
    • FE is open but you do not have any flux and/or you lost the beam after an energy change probably something went wrong. At restart the beamline is aligned at the Pt L-III edge with table, mirror and secondary slits at 0, so in this conditions you should find beam. So (NB: These instructions are for Local contact and experts only):
      • In MXCuBE2 Change energy to 11.5627 keV
      • Start bliss-terminal and check motors torh thgt and ssvo. If they are not 0 (or very close) move them to 0
      • Do a Quick Realign
      • Normally you should have the beam back at this stage, you can carry on normally

Sample changer issues

  • For FlexHCD go here

Detector issues

  • Problems in starting data collection - detector issues
      • If getting an error "Detector not ready" in MXCuBE, or images are not taken restart the Pilatus software following the instruction here

Remote access