Computing environment


Computer Role OS Location Usable Port Application running
id29control Control PC Debian6 Control Cabin None MXCuBE2, Vacuum, Idappli
id29backup Backup w/ 10Gbs link Debian6 Control Cabin


ESRF Backup
p2-id29 Process Debian6 Control Cabin USB2.0 pxsoft
id29process Process Debian6 Control Cabin USB2.0 pxsoft
lid292 Rackable RH6 Rack None exp spec
lid291 Rackable   Rack None X-ray Cameras
lid293flex Rackable Debian8 Rack EH   MXCuBE Hutch, FlexHCD
f4-id29 Web Windows Vista Control Cabin USB2.0 Office
pilatus29 Pilatus Ubuntu 10.04 Exp Hutch None Camserver, Pilatus server


Video servers

Video servers are available to monitor the Experimental Hutch while performing an experiment on site and remotely.




They are accessible only on-site. Remote users can access them by login with their account to the SSL Gateway and browsing for id29video1 or id29video3 or id29video5



ID29 Device Servers

Check that all device servers are running, either with the GUI: