If the temperature of Pilatus controller is too high you will get a warning in the Camserver and you will not be able to collect data. Check if its chiller is ON (big Julabo below Experimetal table) and has enough chiling liquid.


The same applies if the humidity is too high. Humidity is kept at reasonable values fluxing N2 gas inside the detector (blue tube at the back of Pilatus controller). If there is not N2 flux (disconnected, closed, stopped), Pilatus will not work.


If the camserver is in strange state (error messages, no images recorded, etc. ), you will probably need to kill it first: write 'quit' in its window (usually running on left nela screen). When started (camserver icon), it opens several windows and performs initialisation of the Pilatus controller. Once quiet (no more activity and no error messages), write 'reconfig' in spec EXP to see if connection re-established and re-open BsxCuBE.