Remote access is possible using NX client from Nomachine installed on your home computer. How to do it follow the web pages here.

Once you have logged into ESRF computing services you need to ssh to the BM29 beamline control computer nela.

Login is with the opd29 account and password:

> ssh -X opd29@nela

Now if you wish to see the left hand screen (FrontEnd appli, camserver, vacuum appli, etc.) you need to type

> local_desktop_viewer right &

To see the right hand screen (BsxCuBE) you need to type

> local_desktop_viewer left &

You should now have both sides of the beamline desktop displayed on your home PC.


Everything needed for the data collection is accessible through BsxCuBE: click (once) on its icon on the nela desktop

However following softwares have to run (and usually do):

  • EXP and OH specs, they can be started via their icons on the left nela display
  • sample changer software on wbm29scbio Windows PC, it can be reached through rdesktop command: for example "rdesktop -g 90% wbm29scbio"
  • detector device server on p1m-bm29-1 Linux PC, accessible through camserver icon on the left nela display
  • SEC on-line computer wbm29sec can be reached via rdesktop

Results can be followed nearly on-line through ISPyB.


Words of advice:

Please bear in mind that the refresh rate may be a little bit slow depending on your network connection so don't go mad clicking buttons, etc until you are comfortable with this.