How to start/stop PILATUS 1M at BM29 properly


  • pilatus computer ON: p1m-bm29-1 is in the corner of the experimental hutch, near search button;
  • chiller ON: Julabo below the experimental table, green switch ON + prolongated push (2-3 secondes) on the big touch with a curved arrow on the right of the display, automatically goes for 23 deg.C;
  • controller ON: black switch on the back side of the detector;
  • detector server ON: camserver icon on nela; two red leds on the back of the detector turn green;
  • "reconfig" in EXP spec session.: should not complain about it


  • "quit" detector server (camserver on nela);
  • stop controller: black switch on the back side of the detector;
  • stop chiller: green switch OFF;
  • shutdown Pilatus computer.

How to mask out ''crazy'' pixel(s) in detector software

Sometimes (for examplewhen setting a lower energy, as 7.5keV) a pixel (or more) can becomes 'crazy', i.e. has a high count (100-1000000) which can vary and produce so on 1D curve a beautiful spike(s) completely 'killing' it. A solution is to mask it directly in Pilatus software. Here follows how to proceed:

A) Find pixel position(s)

  • in BsxCuBE select "2D raw" tab with a raw image affected by 'crazy' pixel(s);
  • set Z-scaling (intensity) to temperature and adjust MAX value so that the hot pixel appears red;
  • zoom in on the pixel and note its X and Y coordinates.

B) Control (on nela)

  • Stop Pilatus server (camserver): 'quit' in its window (left screen on nela)

C) Mask the pixel

  • login on p1m-bm29-1: ssh -X det@p1m-bm29-1 (psw=P...2);
  • create a copy of the current mask: cp -p /home/det/p2_det/config/calibration/Mask/badpix_mask.tif /home/det/p2_det/config/calibration/Mask/badpix_mask.tif_DDMMYYYY;
  • run /home/opd29/p2_det/programs/tvx/tvx;
  • in tvx: disp /home/det/p2_det/config/calibration/Mask/badpix_mask.tif;
  • in tvx: pixlfill 1 x y x y (where x and y are the coordinates of the pixel, in fact you can define a ROI here, if an unwated feature is a region);
  • in tvx: exit.

D) Control (on nela)

  • restart Pilatus camserver (with the camserver icon);
  • 'reconfig' in EXP spec to ensure the connection to Pilatus is re-established, restart of BsxCuBE would be probably necessary;
  • take a collect image: the intensity of the pixel should now be -2 and in 1D curve there is/are no more spike(s).