In some cases (as red experiment or impossibility to put Sample Changer in working conditions) it can be necessary to switch to manual sample loading and capillary cleaning. How to proceed?

1) Find in the beamline cupboards syringe, plastic screw, flanges (small metallic and yellow plastic ones) and needle (there are usually already put together ready for use) and form following device:


Screw (if not already done) to it the small black spacer:


2) Localize the waste container with tube and connector, usually can be found at the same place as item 1), should look like:


If sample changer software alive more elegant solution for the waste is to keep the same tubing and bypass the seringe valve (SC soft: Devices-Valves-Seriinge Valve: click on 'bypass', normally 'Input'). However, in the case of a red experiment it will probably not be OK for safety...

3) Unscrew

  • from the front of the Sample Exposure Unit the tube connected to the needle directly on capillary
  • from the back of the Sample Exposure Unit the yellow waste tube arriving to the pump


4) Connect the yellow waste tube to the waste container from item 2)



Manual sample loading/unloading:

- screw the black spacer into the capillary pod entry hole of exposure unit

- introduce the syringe filed with sample into the black spacer (with flanges on it) and screw the plastic screw (never tight the plastic screw without syringe!!!)

- push the syringe until you see on display sample in the right place in the capillary (i.e. at the beam position)

- leave syringe in place and search the hutch

- after the exposure push the sample into the waste and clean the capillary (cleaning solution, water and dry N). To recover the syringe with needle unscrew slightly (half or one tour) the plastic screw and push syringe back (during the opposite operation: push and screw). The black spacer stays on place.

Don't pull on screwed syringe!



Manual cleaning:

use consecutively syringe with a few ml of water, cleaning solution, water and dry with Nitrogen gas using the blue tube with needle put near the sample changer exactly as with syringe.


Be careful and used only a gentle flow pressure!

In this manual mode, the flowing of the sample during exposure is obviously not possible.