Pilatus 2M

After the EBS project completed BioSAXS detector was updated from Pilatus1 1M to Pilatus3 2M.

Pilatus3 X 2M, a 2D detector from Dectris, was installed at the beamline in January 2020. Its active area is 25.37 cm x 28.88 cm with pixel size of 172 microns, 1475 x 1679 array. The main advantages of this detector are the single photon counting capability, point-spread function of 1 pixel and dynamic range of 20 bits (1:1,048,573). Bigger sensitive area allows wider achievable q-range when gaining in S/N ratio. Detector is vacuum compatible and new flight tube to hold it is under developement.


How to use Pilatus detector for data collection via BxsCuBE GUI:

1) its chiller should be on,

2) lbm29pilatusdcu computer on,

3) detector controller on and

4) its server should be running on nela computer as opd29 (click on the "penguin" icon named " Pilatus camserver" on the left display of nela). Or in any X-term window of nela type: "ssh -X opd29@lbm29pilatusdcu" complete psw  and start camera server: "./runtvx .

A typical image of bsa with Pilatus 2M detector recorded: