Your Experiment

The invitation sent to you by the User Office will have a link to a google questionnaire which is mandatory to be able to use your experimental time effectively and has to be filled two weeks prior to the experiment. Also, send any associated Atlas images from your in-house grid screening to Please remember that the Titan Krios is not intended for screening experiments.

On the day of your scheduled experiment,

  • If this is not already the case, your grids will by clipped by your local contact.
  • A maximum of 4 grids will be transfered to the grid cassette, loaded into the Titan Krios microscope and grid screening carried out based, if possible, on information provided by the user.
  • The total time including screening grids is limited to 4 hours.  If after this time no suitable area is found, your session will be stopped. If one or more areas suitable for data collection are found, then:
  • Data collection will be set-up (around 2 hours) and executed until the scheduled end of your experimental session.

We explicitly invite users to make use of our mail-in service.