Sample requirements

In general, samples must be pre-screened (ideally already prepared to be put directly into the autoloader system) to justify the use of this Titan Krios microscope. Prior to the experiment, evidence need to be given about

  1. particle distribution (a high quality picture of a micrograph; see below for an example),
  2. obtained 2D class averages of high resolution (secondary structures should be identifiable; see below for an example) and
  3. grid type.  

These requirements apply to both access schemes: in the rolling access proposal this information is given as part of the proosal; for an experiment scheduled through a BAG, this information needs to be sent to the corresponding local contact at least one week prior to the scheduled microscope time.

Frozen grids can be sent to the ESRF using the following procedure (

To make best use of the experimental time given, the time including i) sample preparation for the Titan Krios microscope (loading of sample cassette, grid clipping if needed), screening (one or few grids) and setting up a data collection should be kept as low as possible. Please contact your local contact (given on the A-form) in case of any questions/comments.

Example pictures for a micrograph and 2D class averages:

depicted from Kouba, Drncova & Cusack, Nature Structural & Molecular Biology volume 26pages460470(2019)