Applying for beamtime

Applications to use CM01 Krios microscope are made through the ESRF User Portal (SMIS). The type of proposal is a structural biology rolling-access application, which can be submitted at any time during the year. Additionally, specific cryo-EM BAGs have been created (which are distinct from the MX-BAGs). For accepted proposals, travel expenses will be reimbursed for a maximum of two visitors per experiment.

Sufficient proof of the sample’s quality must be included with the proposal. While the written part of an application is limited to a maximum of two pages, evidence of the sample’s quality can be provided in an additional document, also limited to two pages.

During the COVID-19 restriction period, only "Mail-in" experiments are accepted in CM01. So, users are requested to select "Mail-in" while filling the A-form.

In the "Sample Description" tab, the molecular mass of your macromolecule or complex should be indicated, and please describe the grid (type, hole size, etc.) in the "container" field.

Click here to see the obligatory fields to be filled for the proposal form.