For each proposal, ESRF opens a temporary account on the NICE cluster. This account can be used for sending or receiving mails, data analysis and storage; we also encourage you to use this account if you want to connect to your home workstation or to use things like firefox [for example to read this manual]. By using the beamline workstation, problems due to memory overload may occur resulting in increased acquisition deadtime or worse !

The NICE account is erased 30 days after your leave from ESRF. You are responsible for the transfer of your data during this time to your home (off-side) account. All data on the NICE account will be lost after this period.

The login name is the proposal number. Please use the password that was sent with your proposal acceptance notification. For instance proposal HC359 corresponds to the account

login: hc359
password: your_password

For security reasons, you may change the password at your first login with the UNIX command


The NICE cluster consist of several workstations, for example silver1,..., silver9. To connect to one of this machines from any terminal window/xterm at ESRF, type for example

telnet coral or telnet nice


Access to NICE from outside ESRF

For the time that you have your temporary NICE account , You can access indigo1 from outside ESRF. This can be used for example to prepare your experiment (transfer reference data-files to your NICE account, prepare or copy macros, install a directory structure ect.) or to transfer data when you are back in your home institute via ftp. For this use:

ssh -p 5022

Use your login name and password ( temporary NICE account ). ftp works in the same way if you need to transfer data.


Saving your data on CD

For saving the data using the CD-burner on PC (gigabar) in the control room (CC1):

  1. Insert a blank CD/DVD in the DVD burner (top one)
  2. Use "Easy CD creator" (Icon on the desktop)
  3. Drag and drop the files you want to copy on the CD ( < 645 MB )/DVD ( < 4.7 GB)
  4. Go to menu >File>Create CD>Options
    Create CD
    Write speed : 6x900kB/sec
  5. Close session and leave disk open.