13. February 2018 ESRF Spotlight: Oxidised garnets from the Earth’s transition zone

6. February 2018: Kilian Peter Heeg from MPI Heidelberg received ESRF Young Scientist award; congratulations!

5. February 2018 Hands on tutorial on nuclear resonance techniques at the Nuclear Resonance beamline ESRF, registration is open

17. January 2018 ESRF News: Did Plate tectonics aid the development of life on Earth?

20. November 2017 ESRF Spotlight: Superradiance of an ensemble of nuclei excited by a free electron laser

3. - 8. September 2017 ICAME 2017 St. Petersburg

  • Successful conference for the Nuclear Resonance beamline (ID18) at the ESRF:

  • Valerio Cerantola, post-doc at ID18, received the diploma for the best young scientist talk.

  • Catherine McCammon, frequent user at ID18, received the IBAME Science Award 2017 for her outstanding contributions to geophysically relevant questions via novel methodological approaches using the Mössbauer effect

  • Kilian Heeg, frequent user at ID18, received the IBAME Young Scientist Award 2017 in recognition of his excellent contributions and groundbreaking results in the emerging field of nuclear quantum optics.

11. August 2017 ESRF Spotlight: Sudden shifts sharpen X-ray pulses

19. July 2017 ESRF News: Scientists shed light on carbon’s descent into the deep Earth

April 2017 Beamline review of the Dynamics beamline P01 at PETRA III

12. July 2016 ESRF Spotlight: New phenomenon in old material: giant spin-phonon interaction unveiled in EuO

18. March 2016 ESRF Spotlight: Observation of superconductivity in H2S by nuclear resonant scattering

11. February 2016 ESRF Spotlight: Discovery of new high pressure iron oxides points to a large oxygen source in Earth's mantle

29. January 2016 ESRF Spotlight: Nuclear resonance scattering clarifies the structure of a pharmacologically relevant iron sulfur protein and its interaction with inhibitors

3./4. November 2015 Beamline review of the Nuclear Resonance beamline: Future development of the Nuclear Resonance Beamline ID18 at the ESRF

13. - 18. September 2015 ICAME 2015 Hamburg

  • Rudolf Rüffer received the IBAME Science Award 2015 in recognition of his pioneering contribution to the development of nuclear resonance scattering of synchrotron radiation link

4.March 2015 ESRF News: What's going on at the centre of the Earth? Scientists think they have the answer


4./5. November 2014 Beamline review of the Nuclear Resonance beamline: Activity Report for the Nuclear Resonance Beamline ID18 at the ESRF