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Tuneable correlated disorder in alloys

Chaney D., Castellano A., Bosak A., Bouchet J., Bottin F., Dorado B., Paolasini L., Rennie S., Bell C., Springell R., Lander G.H.,
Physical Review Materials 5, 035004-1-035004-11 (2021)

Strain wave pathway to semiconductor-to-metal transition revealed by time-resolved X-ray powder diffraction

Mariette C., Lorenc M., Cailleau H., Collet E., Guérin L., Volte A., Trzop E., Bertoni R., Dong X., Lépine B., Hernandez O., Janod E., Cario L., Ta Phuoc V., Ohkoshi S., Tokoro H., Patthey L., Babic A., Usov I., Ozerov D., Sala L., Ebner S., Böhler P., Keller A., Oggenfuss A., Zmofing T., Redford S., Vetter S., Follath R., Juranic P., Schreiber A., Beaud P., Esposito V., Deng Y., Ingold G., Chergui M., Mancini G.F., Mankowsky R., Svetina C., Zerdane S., Mozzanica A., Bosak A., Wulff M., Levantino M., Lemke H., Cammarata M.,
Nature Communications 12, 1239-1-1239-11 (2021)

Triggered incommensurate transition in PbHfO3

Burkovsky R.G., Bronwald I., Andronikova D., Lityagin G., Piecha J., Souliou S.M., Majchrowski A., Filimonov A., Rudskoy A., Roleder K., Bosak A., Tagantsev A.,
Physical Review B 100, 014107-1-014107-10 (2019)

Multiphonon anharmonicity of MgO

Giura P., Paulatto L., He F., Lobo R.P.S.M., Bosak A., Calandrini E., Paolasini L., Antonangeli D.,
Physical Review B 99, 220304-1-220304-5 (2019)

Role of disorder in the thermodynamics and atomic dynamics of glasses

Chumakov A.I., Monaco G., Fontana A., Bosak A., Hermann R.P., Bessas D., Wehinger B., Crichton W.A., Krisch M., Rüffer R., Baldi G., Carini Jr. G., Carini G., D'Angelo G., Gilioli E., Tripodo G., Zanatta M., Winkler B., Milman V., Refson K., Dove M.T., Dubrovinskaia N., Dubrovinsky L., Keding R., Yue Y.Z.,
Physical Review Letters 112, 025502-1-025502-6 (2014)

Diffuse scattering in Ih ice

Wehinger B., Chernyshov D., Krisch M., Bulat S., Ezhov V., Bosak A.,
Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 26, 265401-1-265401-8 (2014)

Lattice dynamics of coesite

Wehinger B., Bosak A., Chumakov A., Mirone A., Winkler B., Dubrovinsky L., Dubrovinskaia N., Brazhkin V., Dyuzheva T., Krisch M.,
Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 25, 275401-1-275401-8 (2013)

Anomalous vibrational dynamics in the Mg2Zn11 phase

Euchner H., Mihalkovic M., Gähler F., Johnson M.R., Schober H., Rols S., Suard E., Bosak A., Ohhashi S., Tsai A.P., Lidin S., Gómez C.P., Custers J., Paschen S., de Boissieu M.,
Physical Review B 83, 144202-1-144202-17 (2011)

Phonons of the anomalous element cerium

Krisch M., Farber D.L., Xu R., Antonangeli D., Aracne C.M., Beraud A., Chiang T.C., Zarestky J., Kim D.Y., Isaev E.I., Ahuja R., Johansson B.,
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 108, 9342-9345 (2011)