Beauty of science: diffuse scattering from naturally-disordered wustite


Wustite is a form of iron oxide which can grow under certain thermodynamic conditions. It is non-stoichiometric compound and has the formula Fe1-xO and an average structure similar to sodium chloride. In geophysics and geochemistry, it is studied as the end member of the ferropericlase constituent of the Earth’s lower mantle. The intrinsic frozen-in disorder in a nonstoichiometric compound defines the complexity of the local configurations and thus the complexity of the scattering from such a crystal.

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Here the diffuse X-ray scattering from a synthetic wustite crystal Fe0.95O is represented as the surface of equal intensity. Data collected at beamline: ID29; technique used: diffuse X-ray scattering.

Top image: Image credit: A. Bosak, I. Kantor, L. Dubrovinsky.