Beauty of science: diffraction cartography


Diffraction cartography of a crystal of the beta-1-andregenic G-protein-coupled receptor (GPCR).

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GPCRs are membrane proteins that are the target of around 30% of pharmaceuticals. They are hard to crystallise and, when they do, finding an area upon which to collect data is problematic. Probing the diffraction properties with a micometre-sized beam on ID23-2, in conjunction with the projection of these data as a contour map, defines the shape and internal order of the crystal, and hence removing the element of chance from finding the best ordered area. Diffraction cartography was featured on the front cover of the August issue of Acta Crystallographica D, see Bowler et al. 2010 Acta Cryst. D66 855–864.



This article originally appeared in ESRFnews, September 2010. 

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