2014 Young Scientist Award


At the annual ESRF Users Meeting on 3rd February, the User Organisation declared solid state physicist Mathieu Le Tacon, aged 33, winner of the Young Scientist Award for his outstanding work on a new electronic phase of cuprates that competes directly with superconductivity.

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Along with fellow physicists Giacomo Ghiringhelli and Lucio Braicovich from the Politecnico di Milano, Le Tacon took some of the key measurements for this research on the ESRF’s ID08 beamline. Here they produced evidence for the long sought after new phase, the charge density wave.

In order to gain some insights about the mechanism leading to the formation of the new phase, the team studied the behaviour of phonons on ESRF’s ID28 beamline. It allowed them to unravel the largest signature of electron-phonon interaction in cuprates and to conclude, among other things, that it cannot account for high temperature superconductivity.

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