In this page you will find information on how to access the site and information on documentation needed to enter the site

Your travel to ESRF

By air

Grenoble is served by three airports:

By train

Grenoble is well served by trains from throughout France and Europe, including direct TGV from Paris (3 hours).

By car

Reimbursement for travel by car is subject to the reimbursement rules for users receiving ESRF financial assistance. Go to the page Financial Assistance.

For additional information, consult the "Travel Rules" in the "ESRF User Policies and Rules"

The site access

The site is a restricted area and you will be asked to report in at the site entrance on arrival. You will need to produce proof of identification.

Since 1st September 2018 the driver's license is no longer accepted as ID for entering the EPN site, even for French nationals. A valid passport or a valid national identity card (i.e. not expired) are now the only acceptable form of identification for all those wishing to access the site. Please ensure you have valid identification with you.

You will find all the information about how to get to the ESRF on the EPN campus website.