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Early-stage growth of GeTe on Si(111)-Sb

Croes B., Cheynis F., Fagot-Revurat Y., Müller P., Curiotto S., Leroy F.,
Physical Review Materials 7, 014409-1-014409-8The advent of germanium telluride as a promising ferroelectric Rashba semiconductor for spintronic applications requires the growth of nanometer-thick films of high crystalline quality. In this study, we have elucidated the initial growth stages of GeTe on Si(111)-Sb by scanning tunneling microscopy and low energy electron diffraction. We demonstrate the presence of an initial 0.35-nm-thick GeTe buffer layer followed by the 2D growth of GeTe via Frank-Read sources of atomic steps. As shown by core level spectroscopy, Sb is acting as a surfactant during growth up to a 5-nm-thick film. X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, and low energy electron microscopy evidence that numerous mirror domains and in-plane misorientations appear early in the growth process and are gradually buried at the film/substrate interface. The use of a miscut Si substrate close to Si(111) allows suppressing these defects from the early beginning of growth. (2023)

Oxide at the Al-rich Fe0.85Al0.15(110) surface

Dai Z., Alyabyeva N., Van den Bossche M., Borghetti P., Chenot S., David P., Koltsov A., Renaud G., Jupille J., Cabailh G., Noguera C., Goniakowski J., Lazzari R.,
Physical Review Materials 4, 074409-1-074409-11 (2020)

Synthesis of epitaxial monolayer Janus SPtSe

Sant R., Gay M., Marty A., Lisi S., Harrabi R., Vergnaud C., Dau M.T., Weng X., Coraux J., Gauthier N., Renault O., Renaud G., Jamet M.,
Npj 2D Materials and Applications 4, 41-1-41-8 (2020)

Topological band crossings in epitaxial strained SnTe

Fragkos S., Sant R., Alvarez C., Golias E., Marquez-Velasco J., Tsipas P., Tsoutsou D., Aminalragia-Giamini S., Xenogiannopoulou E., Okuno H., Renaud G., Rader O., Dimoulas A.,
Physical Review Materials 3, 104201-1-104201-8 (2019)

Accurate strain measurements in highly strained Ge microbridges

Gassenq A., Tardif S., Guilloy K., Dias G.O., Pauc N., Duchemin I., Rouchon D., Hartmann J.M., Widiez J., Escalante J.M., Niquet Y.M., Geiger R., Zabel T., Sigg H., Faist J., Chelnokov A., Rieutord F., Reboud V., Calvo V.,
Applied Physics Letters 108, 241902-1-241902-4 (2016)