Publications in 2015


The DUBBLE beam lines have had another productive year with 100 peer reviewed publications incorporating DUBBLE data. This corresponds to roughly one paper for every three days’ beam time, a very satisfactory rate of return, reflecting the fact that the DUBBLE beam lines attract a mature and highly productive user community.

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Figure 1 Number of DUBBLE publications per year. DUBBLE officially opened in June 2000 and in June 2015 the 1000th manuscript was accepted

Quality as well as quantity is important when measuring output, and here too this year’s record is good. When our publication statistics are viewed by impact factor, 39% of the papers were published in a journal with an impact factor over 5 and 10% in a journal with an impact factor greater than 9. These data are illustrated below, benchmarked against some well-known journals in the fields of physics, chemistry and materials science. The core output of DUBBLE users appears in journals in these research fields.

Figure 2 DUBBLE manuscripts published in 2015 as a function of journal impact factor (red scale)

We would also like to congratulate the 12 students who successfully defended their theses incorporating DUBBLE data this year.

PhDcover_JM_Meijer2.jpg PhDcover_Luijsterburg.jpg

Janne-Mieke Meijer, “Colloidal Crystals of Spheres and Cubes in Real and Reciprocal Space”; University of Utrecht, Netherlands (2015)

B.J. (Benny) Luijsterburg, “Mechanical recycling of plastic packaging waste”. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, 12 January 2015

PhDcover_Voet.jpg PhDcoverGencarelli.png

Vincent S.D. Voet; “Block copolymers based on poly(vinylidene fluoride)”;  University of Groningen; 30 January 2015

Federica Gencarelli; “Epitaxial growthof GeSn compounds for advanced CMOS and Photonics applications”;  KU Leuven, Belgium; May 2015
PhDcover_vanDrongelen 700px.jpg PhDcover_Veldhuis.jpg

Martin van Drongelen; "Structure development in semi-crystalline polymers under processing conditions"; Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, April 2015

Sjoerd A. Veldhuis, “A Wet-chemical Approach to Perovskite and Fluorite-type Nanoceramics – Synthesis and Processing”; University of Twente, NL, March 4th 2015

PhDcoverAngelici.png PhdcoverDijkmans.png

Carlo Angelici, “Ethanol-to-Butadiene Conversion over SiO2-MgO Catalysts: Synthesis-Structure-Performance Relationships”; Utrecht University, 24th June 2015

Jan Dijkmans, “Biomass transformations with Sn in dealuminated β zeolites”; KU Leuven, Belgium, September 2015

PhDcover_jrwolters.jpg Filez_PhDcover.png

Joost Wolters, “Self-assembly of colloids with anisotropic shape and interactions”; Utrecht university, 2015

Matthias Filez, “Alternative design of Pt-based catalysts: an X-ray spectroscopic view” University of Gent 18th September 2015

PhDcover_Fredon_700px.png PhDcoverZhang_scan700px.png

Raphael FREDON, “Optimised high voltage spinel for Li-ion batteries”, Technische Universiteit Delft, 12th November 2015

Xiaoyu Zhang, “In operando phase transitions and Lithium ion transport in LiFePO4 Universiteit Delft, 11th November 2015