Congratulations Wim!


Wim Bras, who has been project leader of DUBBLE since January 2002, begins his new role as head of the Division for Soft Condensed Matter and Biology at Oak Ridge National Laboratory on the 29th August.

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After a masters degree in experimental physics from Groningen University (drs in the Dutch system) Wim began his X-ray scattering career as an instrument scientist on the SAXS line at Daresbury in 1988. Whilst working there he undertook research in biophysics, polymers and ceramics and obtained his PhD from Liverpool John Moores University in 1998. Already employed by the NWO Wim spent a short time working for AMOLF in Amsterdam before becoming appointed as project leader for DUBBLE and moving to Grenoble in January 2002. Here his personal research has revolved around glass ceramics and polymers (in particular their crystallization behavior). He has collaborated with many external research groups and directed in-house research activities for members of the group whilst also spending (for the last 12 years) two months a year as a visiting scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Wim-jumping.pngWim has been very successful in developing very high quality output from the DUBBLE beamlines, in no small part owing to his ability to acquire funds for beam line development and attract talented Dutch and Belgian research scientists. The two DUBBLE beam lines currently produce over 100 peer reviewed publications a year, of which 63% since 2014 have been published in a journal with an impact factor greater than 4 and 11% in a journal with an impact factor greater than 8; a truly remarkable achievement. The data produced at DUBBLE make a very valuable contribution to the research community.

Wim will now apply his talents to managing the neutron science program at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory as head of the Division for Soft Condensed Matter and Biology. The team at DUBBLE thank him for his efforts to leave the DUBBLE project in the best possible condition for future success, in particular for agreeing to continue as project leader until the end of the year. “Bon vent” Wim! Enjoy the jump. We will miss you as a mover and shaker and wish you every continued success in the US.