Proposals & Publications in the ESRF Library Database

To list publications in your Proposal Form, you must use a software application which allows you to add publications by selecting them from the ESRF-ILL Library database. 

You may only select publications which are already in the database;  this means that you will need to add any which are missing before being able to list them in your Proposal.

Publications may only be entered into the database on condition that they are a result of data collected either completely or in part at the ESRF.

Adding Publications to the ESRF-ILL Library database

  • You can register publication references in the ESRF-ILL Library database from inside the ESRF Application for proposal submission via the ESRF User Portal (SMIS) (link with the "Publication" search page in the "Application for Beamtime at ESRF").


  • Directly using the ESRF-ILL Library web site: on this page,  in the message "Staff and users can register their ESRF or ILL publication in the Library database": click on "ESRF"

To enter the publication data into the database, do one of the following:

  •  Import an EndNote file of publications by clicking on the left hand menu on “import” and then “import EndNote”, select the file to import, and click on “Import”.


  •  Give the PubMed reference number by clicking on the PubMed button on the top left.  This fills in most fields automatically.


  •  Manually fill in the fields requested.  Only asterisked fields (description in red) are mandatory, and it is sufficient to enter the name of the lead author only – the rest of the author list will be completed by the Library staff.  Click on the Help button for an explanation of how to fill in certain fields using the icons then click on Save.


IMPORTANT: publications created now follow an APPROVAL WORKFLOW

  • Once the publication has been entered it will be tagged as “SUBMITTED” until it has been validated by the Library staff (who check to make sure it refers to data collected at ESRF).
  • Once validated, the publication will be tagged as “PUBLISHED”.  Note that publications that do not refer to data collected either fully or in part at the ESRF will be removed from the database.

Check for publications in the ESRF-ILL Library database

To check which of your publications are already in the database, you can either:

  •  Use the link with the "Publication" search page in the "Application for Beamtime at ESRF" (ESRF Application for Proposal Submission via the ESRF User Portal. You will be able to see publications with a “Published” status as well as the ones with a "Submitted" status.


On this page, click on the link “Library catalogues (books, ILL and ESRF publications)”. On the loaded page, in the left-hand menu choose “ESRF Publications” then “Quick Search” or “Complex Search”, enter your criteria and perform the search.

IMPORTANT: using this interface (ESRF-ILL Library web site) does NOT allow you to find publications tagged as “Submitted” but ONLY the ones approved by the ESRF-ILL Library staff and tagged as “Published”!