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On these web pages you can find documentation about and download the latest versions of the ANA, AVE and ROD programs originally written by Elias Vlieg (e.vlieg@science.ru.nl) for MS-DOS and later modified at the ESRF in order to run on different operating systems as well. They are available for MS Windows (using gcc with MinGW-w64 or Microsoft's Visual C++) and for Linux 64 bit.

There are two different distributions available, one "standard" that is up to date with the latest version of Elias Vlieg, and one "extended" where additional features have been incorporated.

Development of the extended version has been discontinued, because standard version 1.6 introduced extensive changes to the code that made it incompatible with the extended version. However, this frozen version is and will remain available for download, as it contains features that might still be useful.


The ANAROD programs have a terminal-based command-line interface. This is mainly for historical reasons, but it is also quite easy to adapt the interface to modified functionalities of the ANAROD programs. In addition, it provides the experienced user with a fast and efficient way of processing data. However, its many options distributed over several layers of sub-menus make it difficult for the new or casual user to understand and use.

To improve this situation, many users have asked for a graphical user interface (GUI). Thanks to the work of Daniel Kaminski, there is now a GUI for the Windows version of ROD.

It can be downloaded directly from the "WinRod download" link on his web page.

These web pages are divided into the following categories:
  • Information and manuals for the standard version
  • Information and manuals for the extended version
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Download pages
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    News 11/07/2019:

    A new standard version of ANAROD (version 1.7) has been released with the following features:

    ROD: Plot routines:

    For details, see the latest version of the ROD manual.

    Last updated on 26/09/2019