Crispy-0.7.3-x64.exe (64-bit)

Crispy-0.7.3.dmg (64-bit)

See the installation page.

  • Always check if there are known bugs for the current version.

  • The packages include the latest version of Quanty available at the time of the Crispy release. Therefore, if you haven’t done so already, please register on the Quanty website.

  • The macOS application is not signed and you will get an error when you try to launch it the first time. You can grant an exception for Crispy by clicking the “Open Anyway” button in the General panel of Security & Privacy preferences. You can find more about this in the official documentation.

  • On Windows, some antivirus programs might block the installation of the application and even delete the installer from the disk. I assume that this is because the installer is not signed. Please rest assured that all releases are scanned using multiple antivirus programs on VirusTotal. Also please make sure that you first uninstall older versions of Crispy before you proceed with the new installation.

  • You can download older versions from the releases page on Github.