PRESTOPRONTO, Version b0.670

The software PRESTOPRONTO (from Italian “soon ready”)consist to a full GUI EXAFS program aimed to the analysis large data sets. It is a free open source software. The main benefit of the code is to allows to the experimentalist to follow in real time the evolution of the QEXAFS experiments.

The code is formed by executable: Prestopronto.exe and PCA_GUI. The former is in charge to read big dataset from QEXAFS and DISPERSIVE beamlines, apply calibration and alignment corrections, and perform classical data analysis, from the extraction to the EXAFS fit using as engine the code IFEFFIT. The latter is specialized to Principal Component Analysis and Iterative Target Factor Analysis a procedure to align theoretical components obtained from PCA analysis to the real experimental ones.

In the present version the software is able to open file from beamlines BM29, BM23, ID24(ESRF) and SAMBA(SOLEIL) or ascii files from a generic beamline.

Written in Python, the software has an intuitive graphical user interface and can be run or by source code (Windows, MAC, UNIX) or using a compiled version (WINDOWS)


Screenshot of PRESTOPRONTO under Microsoft Windows XP.

Compiled version could easy installed under windows by the downloadable installer. Details on usage and installation are described in the Doc folder present in the installation directory.


An appropriate reference for the software is still in preparation

This article can and should be cited whenever users publish results obtained essentially with the help of the PRESTOPRONTO program.

Corresponding with the authors: Carmelo Prestipino



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