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Missing (Multiplet Inner-Shell Spectroscopy INterective GUI) is the user-friendly version of a program, widely known to the scientific community as "Cowan's program", designed to perform atomic multiplet calculations of electronic states. This program is made up of a suite of modules developed throughout the years (for a short description of each module see the Short User Manual). Using these programs it is possible to calculate electronic states within the atomic model, and take into account effects such as crystal field and charge transfer. Absorption, emission and photoemission spectra can be obtained. The polarization of incoming and outgoing photons can be specified in order to match the experimental conditions. The program is well suited to model systems where atomic features prevail on solid state effects: a notable example are the oxides of transition metals (e.g. MnO, NiO). Though more sophisticated programs are available today, Cowan's programs are still the basis of electronic calculations giving a deep insight into the results obtained via X-ray spectroscopies.



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Dr. Riccardo Gusmeroli

Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione
Politecnico di Milano
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Email: rgusmero@elet.polimi.it
Prof. Claudia Dallera

Dipartimento di Fisica
Politecnico di Milano
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20133 Milano (MI)

Email: claudia.dallera@fisi.polimi.it


User License:

The right to use the software free of charge is granted to scientific institutions, provided a proper reference to the code and its author is included in any publication issued with the help of the code. Any commercial use is instead prohibited without explicit authorization by the author.


Copyright 2001-2007 Riccardo Gusmeroli
All Rights Reserved