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[Photo: Andy Hammersley]

Full Name: Andrew Peter Hammersley

Ph.D. - University of Birmingham (1986)
B.Sc. - University of Southampton (1982)

E-mail: Hammersley@esrf.fr
Tel: +33-(0)4-76-88-20-41
Fax: +33-(0)4-76-88-25-42

Work Address: European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, BP 200, Grenoble 38043, CEDEX, France

Room: Central Building 117


Job Description: I head the ``Data Analysis Systems'' (DAS) group which produces the ``Data Display And Analysis Software System'' (DAS)^2. This supports data reduction, analysis, and display of scientific data at the ESRF. In particular I have been involved with area detectors and have developed the program FIT2D ; the main data reduction, analysis, and display program at the ESRF which is also used by more than 130 user groups world-wide.

Professional Interests: Crystallographic data reduction and analysis, image processing, image compression, detector calibration and correction methods, scientific programming, maximum likelihood and maximum entropy methods, data analysis methods, standardisation of data formats within the crystallographics community.

Calibration Methods Development Project

In addition to developing data analysis software I have been involved in developing area detector calibration experimental methods and techniques in conjunction with correction software.

[Calibration Grid Mask] [Calibration Team]

Here are pictures of a calibration grid mask attached to the front of an X-Ray image intensifier/ CCD detector system, and some of the members of the team which worked to develop the experimental methods. (Top to bottom, left to right: Olof Svensson, Laurent Claustre, Jean-Pierre Moy, Andy Hammersley, Kieron Brown, and Ana Gonzalez)

[Fluorescent Glass Sample] [Beam-line Set-up]

Especially for flat-field calibration a novel technique of using fluoscence from doping elements suspended in a light element amorphous glass was developed. A close up of such a glass sample is shown, together with the ESRF ID-2 beam-line set-up during the calibration.

[Invited Experimentalists] A "proof of method" experiment was carried out in July 1995 with invited experimentalists from Oxford University. The experimentalists are shown together with members of the internal team. (From left to right: Olof Svensson, Martin Noble, Scott Reid, Mark O'Rielly, Yvonne Jones, Andy Hammersley, and Jean-Pierre Moy.)

From this work a number of papers of the calibration methods and on the scientific application have been published.

This page has been produced by Andy Hammersley (E-mail: hammersley@esrf.fr). It is subject to further modification. If you have helpful suggestions, please send them to me.