Multiple C++ Classes ManagerΒΆ

  • Since Pogo-7.2 on Linux, Pogo allows you to create multiple

    C++ classes server project.

  • Use the tools menu (or pogo -multi shell command) to launch

    the multiple classes GUI.

  • Then create a new server project.

  • The server name could have the same name of one class in project. But it is not mandatory.

image0 image1
  • Then you can add several classes by selecting xmi files.
image2 image3
  • Now, you can generate code where a class is defined or in an independent one.

  • The 4 generated files are:

    • VacGaugeServer.multi.xmi: Multiple classes project file
    • MultiClassesFactory.cpp: Equivalent to the ClassFactory.cpp containing all specified class dependencies
    • main.cpp: The same main.cpp as a single class project
    • Makefile.multi: A Makefile containing all specified class dependencies