Motion    (109 classes)
Class name Lang. Author Version Description
A3200Expert Cppat - langloisrelease_1_10_0handles Aerotech A3200 drivers expert functions
AerotechMotor Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_1Class for controlling a single Axis from an Ensemble QLAB controller.
ANC350Ctrl Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_0Controller class for AttoCube ANC350 controller
ANC350Positioner Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_0Class for controlling a single ANC350 positioner
AttoCubeANC300Ctrl Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_0Controller for the AttoCube Piezo Positioning Electronic ANC300.
AttoCubeANC300Motor Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_0Class for the AttoCube ANC300 Motors.
AttoCubeCtrl Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_10Controller class for AttoCube Positioners
AttoCubeMotor Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_8Class for attocube positioner axis
AttributeMotor Cppat - maria-teresa.nunez-pardo-de-veraRelease_1_8Class for simplifying the scanning of any attribute
CoupledMonoUndMove Pythonat - tnunezRelease_1_0Move Undulator and Monchromator to an offset position.
CubicPressVoggMotionCtrl Pythonat - tnunezRelease_1_0Communication to the PressMonitor software interfacing the PLC that controls the motors for the ...
CubicPressVoggMotor Pythonat - tnunezRelease_1_1Control of the motors for the CubicPress from Voggenreiter
devNFC8752 Pythonjmchaizenone.Controls Motors
DOOCSMotor Pythonat - tnuneznone.Imports DOOCS motors to Tango
EcovarioServoMotor Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_2Class for controlling motors using the servo amplifier from the serie ECOVARIO from Jenaer Antrie...
EH2tthP10 Pythonat - tnunezRelease_1_1Virtual motor to make the large flightpath in EH2 to a 2theta motion around the sample.
FixedPositions Cppat - jean.coquetrelease_1_2_17provides 3 fixed positions for high level use of FMB Oxford
GalilDMCControl Cppat - jan.meyerRelease_1_3Device server for the DMC multiaxis controller. Exports the connection to dedicated single channe...
GalilDMCCtrl Cppat - thorsten.krachtRelease_1_17ther server that exports the connection to the Galil controller
GalilDMCMotor Cppat - jan.meyerRelease_1_21Device server for a single motor Device.
GalilDMCSlit Cppat - thorsten.krachtRelease_1_17exports the Galil motors as slit devices, cx, cy, dx, dy
HexapodConfig Cppat - maria-teresa.nunez-pardo-de-veraRelease_1_9Common settings for all hexapod motors.
HexapodCtrl Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_8Controller Class for Hexapod
HexapodMotor Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_13Class for moving the Hexapod in a direction.
HexapodNewport Cppat - jean.coquetrelease_1_1_2controls hexapods from Newport (HXP controllers)
HexapodPI Cppat - jean.coquetrelease_1_0_3controls hexapods from PI
HexaSmarCtrl Cppat - johannes.blumeRelease_1_13...
HexaSmarLiCtrl Cppat - johannes.blumeRelease_1_0Controller server for SmarAct Hexapods which do not support the SCPI interface but relies on shar...
HexaSmarLiMotor Cppat - johannes.blumeRelease_1_0...
HexaSmarMotor Cppat - johannes.blumeRelease_1_10...
HexaSmarUnit Cppat - johannes.blumeRelease_1_1Class controlling one Smaract Hexapod rack module (for units using ascii interface and controlled...
IcePapController Cppat - chaizeRELEASE_2_1A class to perform tcp/ip connections and data transmissions exchages with the IcePAP controller ...
IK220 Cppat - maria-teresa.nunez-pardo-de-veraRelease_1_10Class for encoder talking to IK220 PCI card of Heidenhain
KohzuSCAxis Cppat - maria-teresa.nunez-pardo-de-veraRelease_1_24Class for Stage Motion Controllers from Kohzu Precision Co., Ltd. Model SC-210/SC-410
KohzuSCCtrl Cppat - maria-teresa.nunez-pardo-de-veraRelease_1_11Controller for gpib connection with KohzuSC Axis
KohzuSCMultiAxis Cppat - maria-teresa.nunez-pardo-de-veraRelease_1_9Perform multiple movements of Kohzu axes.
MicrocodeDataViewer Cppbuteaurelease_1_0_12This device allows to read/write microcode variables of a GalliBox using dynamic attributes defin...
MMC100MicosAxis Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_5Class for controlling an axis connected to the Micos Serie MMC-100 controller.
MMC100MicosCtrl Cppat - johannes.blumeRelease_1_6...
MonoUndSynchronMotor Pythonat - tnunezRelease_1_0Class performing synchronized monochromator and undulator movements. Undulator slewrate is adjust...
MultipleAxes Cppjmchaizebaseline-1_1_1This class agregate together several devices deriving from the Motor abstract class. The position...
MultipleMotors Cppat - maria-theresa.nunez-parde-de-veraRelease_1_17Meta class for handling the energy of a given beamline.
Nano23ctrl Cppat - johannes.blumeRelease_1_5...
NemSyringeAxis Cppat - johannes.blumeRelease_1_2Device to control a single neMESYS Syringe Pump
NemSyringeCtrl Cppat - johannes.blumeRelease_1_1Controller Device server for Nemesys Syringe Pump
NewFocus Cppat - tnuneznone.Class for joining in one process the different classes for the New Focus picomotors.
NewFocusCtrl Cppat - tnuneznone.Class for connecting to the New Focus controller via Ethernet.
NewFocusDriver Cppat - tnuneznone.Driver class for the NewFocus picomotors.
NewFocusPico8742 Pythonat - thorsten.krachtnone.PogoException: PogoException: /segfs/tango/tmp/classes2www/tmp/NewFocusPico8742/ (No such file or directory)
NewFocusPico8742Ctrl Pythonat - thorsten.krachtnone.Controller for the Picomotor8742
NewFocusPicomotor Cppat - tnuneznone.Picomotor class for the NewFocus picomotors.
Newport8742Axis Cppat - johannes.blumeRelease_1_2Axis class for motors connected to NewPort8742 controller
NewPort8742Ctrl Cppat - johannes.blumeRelease_1_1Controller class for NewPort8742 piezo controller
OmsMaxV CpptkrachtRelease_1_2Pro-Dex/OMS servo motor controller
OmsServo Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_0Pro-Dex/OMS servo motor controller
OmsVme58 Cppat - maria-teresa.nunez-pardo-de-veraRelease_1_68Stepping motor
OrthodromicPositioner Cppat - tangorelease_1_0_1...
OwisMMS19 Pythonat - tnuneznone.Controlling MMS19 actuactors from Owis
PhaseRetarderP09 Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_13Class for controlling the motors of the double phase retarder at p09.
PhyMotionCtrl Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_1Class for controlling phyMotion Motion Controller from Pythron
PhyMotionMotor Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_2Class for controlling a channel in a phyMotion module
PIC863Mercury Cppat - tnuneznone.Class for controlling motors using the C-863.10 Mercury DC Motor Controller from PI.
PIE709Ctrl Cppat - johannes.blumeRelease_1_0Controller server for E-709 Digital Piezo Controller
PIE709Motor Cppat - johannes.blumeRelease_1_0Tango device server for PIE709 motors
PIE712Axis Cppat - jean.coquetrelease_0_0_2controlls 1 axis of the PIE712 Controller handled by PIE712 class
PiezoJenaCtrl Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_1Communication with Piezo Jena Controller EDA 2-5.
PiezoJenaNV401CLE Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_1Class for the voltage amplifier NV40/1CLE from Jena.
PiezoNV40Axis Cppat - johannes.blumeRelease_1_1...
PiezoNV40Ctrl Cppat - johannes.blumeRelease_1_0Controller class for PiezoNV40 voltage controller
PiezoPiC867Ctrl Pythonat - tnuneznone.Connection to the C867 controller from PI
PiezoPiC867Motor Pythonat - tnuneznone.Class for the axis of the C867 piezo controller from PI
PiezoPiCtrl Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_19Class connecting to the Pi Piezos
PiezoPiE185 Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_2...
PiezoPiE710 Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_7...
PiezoPiE712 Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_9...
PiezoPiE725 Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_1...
PiezoPiE816 Cppat - maria-teresa.nunez-pardo-de-veraRelease_1_5...
PiezoPiE861 Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_0...
PiezoPiE867 Cppat - johannes.blumeRelease_1_1...
PiezoPiE871 Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_1Class for controlling Piezo Pi controllers from the serie E871, E873
PiezoPiGpibCtrl Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_4Controller for gpib connection with piezos from Physical Instruments (PiezoPi)
PitchRollCorrection Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_2Class for correcting motor positions acording to the parallel motor old and new positions.
PyIcePAP Pythonat - lukasz.zytniaknone....
SGonPPMACAxis Cppat - frederic.losaccorelease_1_0_5Manage axis
SmarActController Cppat - johannes.blumeRelease_1_4Controller server for the SmarAct MCS-3C-IDSH controller
SmarActMCSASCIICtrl Cppat - johannes.blumeRelease_1_0Thin shell around the rs232/ethernet interface of smaract MCS controllers
SmarActMCSCtrl Cppat - johannes.blumeRelease_1_1Controller device server for Smaract Modular Control System
SmarActMCSMotor Cppat - johannes.blumeRelease_1_2Motor class for smaract mcs controller
SmarActMotor Cppat - johannes.blumeRelease_1_5Axis server for SmarAct MCS-3C-IDSH controller
SmarActSCUCtrl Cppat - johannes.blumeRelease_1_1Class to control a Smaract HCU-1D/3D or CU-1D/3D controller
SmarActSCUMotor Cppat - johannes.blumeRelease_1_1Class to control a single axis of an SmarActSCU controller
SmarActSDCCtrl Cppat - johannes.blumeRelease_1_0...
SMCHydraCtrl Cppat - maria-teresa.nunez-pardo-de-veraRelease_1_8Class for connecting to the SMC Hydra Controller.
SMCHydraMotor Cppat - maria-teresa.nunez-pardo-de-veraRelease_1_14Class for controlling the axis of the SMC Hydra controller.
Spk Cppat - thorsten.krachtRelease_2_26the interface to the large offset monochromator motors
Standa8smc4usb Cppat null.null - nullrelease-1.0...
TacoMotor Cppat - g.r.mantnone.This class wraps a taco motor compliant to the standard Motor abstract class
TangoMotor Cppat - maria-teresa.nunez-pardo-de-veraRelease_1_4This class defines the minimal interface to movables
TcpIpMotorP10 Cppat - thorsten.krachtRelease_1_2This class defines the minimal interface to movables
TraitPointPlan Cppat - langloisrelease_2_2_7This class gives the implementation of the Trait Point Plan device.
This device will convert ...
VHamosCrystal Pythonat - tnuneznone.Class combining movements for crystal aligment in electrometer
VICIMultiPosValve Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_1Class for the Two Position Multielectronic Valve Actuators from Valco Instruments Co. Inc. (VICI).
VICITwoPosValve Cppat - tnunezRelease_1_1Class for the Two Position Microelectronic Valve Actuators from Valco Instruments Co. Inc. (VICI).
VmExecutor Pythonat - thorsten.krachtRelease_1_11Executes virtual motor scripts
XPSAxis Cppjean_coquetrelease_1_1_8Pure virtual Class for Axis family
XPSAxis Cppunknownrelease_1_1_7PogoException: /segfs/tango/tmp/classes2www/tmp/XPSV2/src/XPSAxisClass.cpp (No such file or directory) Loading OLD Pogo Class Failed
XPSAxis Cppat - jean.coquetrelease_1_4_5Pure virtual Class for Axis family
XPSGroup Cppat - jean.coquetrelease_1_1_2controls a group of motor from Newport (XPS controllers)
ZMX Cppat - tnunezRelease_3_1Schrittmotor Endstufe mit ServiceBus