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Cover design by M. Scandella based on the figure of phonon dispersion of Na0.8CoO2 from the article Rattling modes in thermoelectric sodium cobaltate by D.J. Voneshen et al.



We gratefully acknowledge the help of:
C. Argoud, B. Boulanger, K . Clugnet, K. Colvin, M. Cotte, E. Dancer, B. Dijkstra, R. Dimper, I. Echeverría, R. Felici, A. Fitch, K. Fletcher, P. Gaget, S. Gerlier, C. Habfast, E.S. Jean-Baptiste, A. Joly, A. Kaprolat, M. Krisch, G. Leonard, J. McCarthy, S. McSweeney, T. Narayanan, S. Pascarelli, P. Raimondi, H. Reichert, S. Rio, M. Scandella, F. Sette, J. Susini and all the users and staff who have contributed to this edition of the Highlights.


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