Time resolved and Extreme conditions XAS (TEXAS)

The TEXAS facility is installed on ports BM23 and ID24. It is based on the upgrade of the former energy-dispersive XAS beamline ID24 and of the transfer of the former general purpose EXAFS beamline BM29 to port BM23.

It offers the user community new opportunities for investigating matter at extreme conditions of pressure, temperature and magnetic field.

The Scientific Case

The scientific case for TEXAS is schematically illustrated in the Figure below:

scientific case for TEXAS.JPG

Scientific case for TEXAS: the core of the future activities lies in the intersection area between the “time-resolved” and the “extreme conditions” ellipses

The core of the future activities on TEXAS lies in the intersection area between two large ellipses: on the left, the blue ellipse corresponds to “time-resolved” applications, and on the right, the green ellipse represents “extreme conditions” applications. Applications requiring both time resolution and extreme conditions are still largely unexplored. The underlying reasons are to be found in the  stringent time resolution (beyond the millisecond timescale in most cases) coupled to small focal spot (few microns) requirements that are difficult to achieve simultaneously.

The facility

The TEXAS facility, also referred to as UPBL11 (UPgrade BeamLine 11), is illustrated in the Figure below. It consists in the association of a general purpose Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (EXAFS) beamline on bending magnet port 23 (BM23) and an energy dispersive XAS (EDXAS) beamline on a 6 meter high ß undulator straight section (ID24).

BM23 is a mildy upgraded version of the former general purpose EXAFS beamline, which was dismounted from port BM29 and rebuilt on port BM23 in 2010. BM23 welcomed its first users in March 2011.

The new ID24 beamline is a re-designed upgraded version of the former EDXAS beamline ID24, which was shut down in the summer of 2010 and is fully operational since 2013.

layout of TEXAS facility.JPG

Layout of the TEXAS (or UPBL11) facility