The two branches deliver beam to two separate end stations (EDXAS_S and EDXAS_L). The EDXAS_S branch operates with a Bragg polychromator, whereas the EDXAS_L branch can operate with either a Bragg or a Laue polychromator. The choice of branch for given experiments is mainly driven by the experimental facilities hosted in the two end stations.

The EDXAS_S branch hosts the facilities for experiments at extreme conditions of pressure and temperature and micro-XAS hyperspectral mapping.

The EDXAS_L branch permanently hosts the DRIFTS spectrometer,  used for complementary characterization of heterogeneous catalysts. EDXAS_L also hosts the facilities for studies of magnetism using X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism (XMCD): the pulsed high magnetic field coils and the 0.75 T electromagnet.

in situ laser heating facility.JPG

The in-situ laser heating facility for high pressure studies with the DAC in EDXAS_S

DRIFTS spectrometer.JPG

The DRIFTS spectrometer mounted on EDXAS_L