2014 an all-time record year


As of mid-December we have recorded a total of 106 journal articles and a further 9 theses published in 2014.

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The scientific output of the DUBBLE beamlines is an all-time record in 2014. As of 15th December 41 EXAFS/XANES, 57 SAXS, 1 diffraction and 1 interfaces papers have been published using DUBBLE data. A further six articles have been published on instrumentation. This is an all-time record and must be close to the limit of what can be done with the beam time available. Our list of 2014 publications includes much industrially relevant work, together with fundamental research and heritage science. Our total number of publications is now 941 since we started operation. We thank our users for their hard work!  Please let us know when you publish articles based on DUBBLE data; this is important information for our funding agencies.

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Top image: 2014 Statistics (updated 15-12-2014)