Information on data to be provided concerning the scientific use of the ESRF

We inform you that, further to a decision of the ESRF Council, the information listed below will be provided to the Heads of Delegation of the Contracting Parties and Observers from Scientific Associate countries to the Council (the Recipients of Information) with the purpose of allowing them to monitor the scientific use of the ESRF.

The Recipients of Information have signed an agreement with the ESRF whereby they undertake not to provide the information supplied by the ESRF to any third party for a use that could be detrimental to the users' interests. The Recipients of Information will receive information on:

  • the proposal number and title
  • the name and affiliation of the main proposer and co-proposers
  • the requested and assigned beamline(s), and
  • the requested, allocated and (as appropriate) delivered beam time (in number of shifts of eight hours).

The provision of this data applies to both ESRF and CRG proposals for non-proprietary use. It does NOT apply to proposals for proprietary research where all data remain strictly confidential.

Please note that the above mentioned information will be provided once a year, in June, and will refer to the beamtime used in the previous year: in June of year n, information will be provided on the beamtime used between 1st March of year n-1 and end of February of year n.