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TEESMAT is attending 12th International Advanced Automative Battery Conference, Mainz/Germany, June 13-15, 2022


AABC: Where the battery technologists explore the future of vehicle electrification. ESRF will attend through the European project TEESMAT. Please meet Didier Blanchard at the event to discuss opportunities for battery R&D at the ESRF through TEESMAT.

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As more European nations and international automotive OEMs commit to vehicle electrification and eMobility, the 2022 AABC Europe event in Mainz propels that momentum forward, presenting unparalleled coverage of the research and development that helps drive outcomes and supports the next generation of electric vehicle batteries.

Didier Blanchard, business development engineer for battery applications at the ESRF, is presenting a poster for the EU funded Project TEESMAT, an Open Innovation Test Bed for the characterization of electrochemical energy storage material and systems.

Further information about the event: 12th International Advanced Automative Battery Conference

TEESMAT: Open Innovation Test Bed for Electrochemical Energy Storage