COVID-19 information


Updated COVID-19 information for users, contractors and other visitors

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To face the COVID-19 pandemic, the French Authorities have decided to implement a four-week restriction period starting on Saturday 3 April 2021, in which new restrictions will be applied. During this restriction period, from 3 April to 2 May 2021, the ESRF will implement its programme at a reduced level with the objective to continue contributing, with its unique facilities, to the worldwide quest to advance scientific knowledge in key areas, and in particular supporting COVID-19 research and the research programmes of PhD students and post-doctoral fellows.

During this new restriction period the ESRF will continue to apply measures to ensure the protection and safety of people on site, and will reduce the simultaneous presence of people.

Teleworking is maintained according to present practices and will be maximised.

To limit disruption of the user programme within the present already reduced schedule available here, the accelerator and beamlines will be kept operational whenever possible.

The presence of external users and short-term visitors on site is suspended until further notice. Exceptionally, the Directors of Research may authorise PhD student users to come on site for experiments that cannot be delayed.

People on site (ESRF and CRG staff, long-term visitors and contractors) are reminded to respect strictly the COVID-19 protective and sanitary measures in place. In particular, all gatherings are strictly forbidden on site.

It is reminded that in the case of COVID-19 symptoms, or in the case of suspicion of having been exposed to the COVID-19 virus, colleagues must contact their family doctor or the Works Doctor (by email: to be advised.