There will be a Joint Poster Session on Tuesday 7th February (18:30 - 19:50) for the posters submitted for the following events:

  •  Users' Meeting (*)
  • "Magnetic Materials" workshop
  • "XSW-HAXPES" workshop
  • MX Winter School on "Long-Wavelength phasing"

(*) All posters registered for the event "Users' Meeting" are eligible for the Best Poster Award provided that a PDF copy of the poster is uploaded on/before Tuesday 31st January 2012 (inclusive) according to the instructions for submission


  • The joint poster session will take place under the marquee, where the posters will be grouped and displayed per event: please register your poster for the event ("Users' Meeting", "Magnetic Materials" workshop, "XSW-HAXPES" workshop, "MX School" ) to which it is related, to facilitate its further processing. Do not hesitate to consult beforehand the specific event information web page for details on submission of abstracts and presentation of posters;
  • a poster abstract is required only for the posters submitted for the workshops

The posters must be registered via the registration form until the registration deadline - THURSDAY 19th JANUARY - in order to be included into the booklets.


Chair: Thomas BUSLAPS (ESRF & Users Organization)

The participants of the Users' Meeting (4 - 5 February) are strongly encouraged to submit posters (maximum of 3 posters) on their recent work. Posters MUST BE REGISTERED, using the appropriate section "Documents to submit" of the electronic registration form, where the participants must provide:

  • the name of the author(s): please specify with the submission which authors are students,
  • the poster title,
  • the field of research to which the poster belongs,
  • save and register your poster under your FAMILY NAME to facilitate its further processing (i.e.: SMITH_UMPoster.pdf for a poster submitted by J. Smith)

NB: Do NOT SUBMIT AN ABSTRACT for a poster submitted for the "Users' Meeting".



 The poster panels available to fix your posters have the following dimensions: 110 cm high x 85 cm wide or the generic A0 poster format. The posters should fit into this format and can be fixed to the panels with Velcro taps provided by the workshop organizer.


panel.gif (Panel)


Best poster award

An award will be made for the best poster submitted for the Users' Meeting and Associated Workshops. The posters will be judged by the eight members of the Users Organization and the winner announced at the Users' Meeting dinner, on Tuesday 7 February.

If you wish your poster to be eligible for the best poster prize, please upload, via the electronic registration form, a PDF file of your poster whose size must NOT EXCEED 10 MB (please read carefully the instructions given in the page "Documents to submit" page of the electronic registration form). Do not forget to select, in the registration form, the field of research to which your poster belongs.

The uploaded posters will remain confidential and visible for evaluation only to the ESRF Users Organization committee.

 !! ONLY posters for which we have received a PDF file will be eligible for the ESRF Best Poster Award !!



The deadline
for sending your poster PDF file is:
Tuesday 31st January 2012 (inclusive)


 In case of technical problem, please send an e-mail.





Meeting Secretariat

User Office
BP 220
38043 GRENOBLE Cedex, France.

Tel. +33 (0)4 7688 2552/ 2358
Fax +33 (0)4 7688 2020




Thomas Scheler, winner of the 2011
Best Poster Award