XSPA - A Fast Seamless Pixel Array Detector

Technical webinar in collaboration with RIGAKU Corporation
Start Date
25-03-2020 15:00
End Date
25-03-2020 18:00
ZOOM Webinar
Speaker's name
Joseph D. Ferrara
Speaker's institute
Rigaku Americas Corporation, The Woodlands, TX USA
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For time-resolved X-ray measurements, the ability to acquire many images quickly is perhaps the most important requirement of the experiment. We have developed a photon counting hybrid pixel array detector (HPAD) based on the 128 x 256-pixel UFXC32k1 application specific integrated circuit (ASIC), the Rigaku X-ray Seamless Pixel Array (XSPA). The first XSPA detector is a 1024 x 512 (500k) pixel array of 76 µm pixels comprised of 16 UFXC32k ASICs coupled to a 320 µm silicon sensor. The design of the UFXC32k ASIC provides for an effectively gapless collection area, enhancing image quality and ease-of-use for applications like ptychography and small-angle X-ray scattering. Flexible configuration of the dual gates (thresholds) and dual 14-bit counters per pixel provide high performance for a variety of applications. For example, one configuration provides Zero Dead Time (<100 nsec) continuous measurement at up to more than 50 kfps at 2-bit per pixel. In another configuration, burst-mode operation provides data acquisition at nearly 1000 kfps with 2.3% duty cycle (2-bit). Other configurations provide high dynamic range by combining the two counters in each pixel to make a 28-bit counter per pixel, or limited energy selectivity by setting different thresholds for the dual gates per pixel. The combination of high count rate, small pixel size and fast frame rate makes this an excellent detector for time-resolved X-ray measurements including but not limited to diffraction, scattering, absorption and photon correlation spectroscopy experiments down to sub-µseconds time scales, while the flexible counters and gates and the effectively gapless sensor provide superior performance for applications like ptychography.


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