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The layout of ID23 beam line has been designed with a single optical hutch (Pink) sticking to the synchrotron tunnel. This hutch is fitted with the optical devices needed for both beams delivered at ID23-1 and ID23-2 end-stations (see Optic Hutch Overview for details). To avoid spurious noise and permit the intervention on the beamline without disturbing users we fitted ID23 with a special room dedicated to control hardware (orange).

ID23-1 (purple) and ID23-2 (green) experimental hutches are independant as well as their related control cabins. at the entrance of each experimental hutches a bench has been fitted for sample preparation. ID23-1 and ID23-2 users have, however, to share a biochemical laboratory situated next to the control cabin (light yellow).

Everything necessary for structure solution will be available on or close to the beamline. A building close by but outside the experimental hall will provide space for a post-experiment data processing, graphics and backup room as well as technical and office space.



Floor Plan