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    Macros to perform scans on K.
    This macro set allows to make scans in energy with several regions around an edge. Each region can have different spacing between points as well as to have different collection time per region.

    A pseudo motor energy has to be available. By default a set of parameters is given. This set of parameters can be implemented by a call to the macro *kscan_defaults*. Otherways the parameters can be changed by calling to *kscan_setup*. %USAGE% kscan <mot> <ene> <>

    kscan energy_motor 7.111 2 Performs a kscan of the motor energy_motor whith 7.111 taken as the edge energy (all parameters in kscan are referred to the edge position in order to allow a single profile to be used at different edges).

    Usage: kscan_calcE (<k>)
    Given a value of k, returns the corresponding value in energy above the edge in eV.

    Usage: kscan_calcK (<delta_e_in_eV>)
    Given a value of the energy (in eV above the edge) as input, returns the corresponding value in k.

    Usage: kscan_setup
    Interactive definition of the energy regions.

    Usage: kscan <energy_motor> <edge_energy> <time_factor>
    Executes the scan defined with kscan_setup or kscan_defaults. The time is a multiplicative factor to apply to the time defined in kscan_setup.

    Usage: kscan_defaults
    This macro sets a profile as default. This profile should be good for most of the applications. The profile can always be visualized and/or changed with kscan_defaults.

Internal Macros:
    Usage: _kscan_profile
    Calculates a grid in energy and time for the spectrum.

    Usage: _kscan [parma]

Filename: kscan.mac
Author: V.A.Sole - ID26 - ESRF - Copyright 1999
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