Young Scientist Award 2011


Helen Walker was presented with the Young Scientist Award at the ESRF Users Meeting on 8 February 2011 for her outstanding work on "Exotic types of low temperature ordering in complex materials".

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Helen is a post-doctoral researcher at beamline ID20. She pioneered the use of both non-resonant and resonant X-ray scattering techniques to advance the current understanding of ordering mechanisms in multipolar ordered and multiferroic materials. In particular, she had a pivotal role in exploiting non-resonant magnetic scattering to study the electric field control of magnetism in the prototypical multiferroic system, TbMnO3. Her elegant experiments have enabled the refinement of highly complex magnetic structures and provided information on magnetic ordering that is not obtainable using neutron. She demonstrated that it is possible to image the evolution of the magnetic and ferroelectric domains as a function of applied electric field. Her work has produced evidence for a novel multiferroic mechanism in TbMnO3.


Top image: Helen Walker (ID20) receives the Young Scientist Award at the Users' Meeting 2011 - Prize given by Dr V. Ramakrishnan.