ESRF User Organisation Committee - Call for nominations


Your nominations are invited for two new Committee Members for the UOC.

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Dear colleagues,

This is a call for nominations for new members of the ESRF User Organisation Committee (UOC) to represent the following scientific communities:

Soft Matter Structure (SM)
Surface and Interface science (SI)

The UOC is an independent body, representing more than 7000 registered ESRF users. It acts as an important link between the user community and the ESRF directorate, scientific staff and the Science Advisory Committee (SAC). 
Actual members are:
Paola Coan (München, Germany) representing the x-ray imaging scientific community;
Olivier Diat (Bagnols s/Céze, France) for soft matter structures;
Christian Kumpf (Jülich, Germany) for Surface and Interface Science;
Chiara Maurizio (Padova, Italy) for Structure of Materials;
Claudio Mazzoli (Milano, Italy) for Electronic Structure and Magnetism;
Chrystele Sanloup (Paris, France) for Dynamics and Extreme Conditions;
Beatrice Vallone (Roma, Italy) for Structural Biology;
Thomas Buslaps (ESRF local liason).

Nominations for UOC representatives within the above mentioned scientific fields should be sent by the 15th of April to the e-mail address below:

Users Organisation


For each of the two scientific communities (SM and SI), the ESRF UOC representative will be chosen according to the number of nominations and to the requirement of having the different countries contributing to the ESRF being represented in the UOC as evenly as possible. In case of multiple equivalent nominations an election will take place.

Best regards,

The Users Organisation Committee